Why do we need a heavy-duty chassis?

Are you packaging power supplies or other heavyweight electronics? Will your assembly have to be taken apart and put back together again frequently?

Will your equipment be air–, land–, or sea–mobile or otherwise subjected to physical stress? Do you need the ruggedest possible Mil–Spec enclosure, but at a reasonable price? You need to specify STRONGBOX®!

The most obvious difference between STRONGBOX® Heavy–Duty Rack–Mount Chassis and “regular–duty” versions offered by other manufacturers is the thickness of the aluminum from which they are made. The main structural members of our chassis are 0.090″–thick. Similar parts of other units are only 0.040″ to 0.063″. Our heavy–duty chassis provide more than twice the intrinsic strength without using hard–to–machine steel or added internal framework sub–assemblies. Specify STRONGBOX® to keep your project hassle–free.

Our Heavy–Duty Rack–Mount Chassis assemble with stainless steel machine screws, lock washers, and captive PEM nuts which do not react galvanically with aluminum. Many other chassis use thinly plated, carbon steel, sheet metal screws or loose bolts and nuts. Captive machine hardware goes together precisely, solidly, and permanently. Sheet metal screws have been know to vibrate loose, or spontaneously disassemble when worn plating permits an electrolytic reaction with chassis metal. Besides the materials used in manufacture and the hardware used for assembly, STRONGBOX® chassis configurations are engineered to support greater static and dynamic loads. Main load–bearing panels are stiffened and supported by wide flanges and from six to ten sets of hardware, and are anchored to who support panels of equal or superior strength. The resulting chassis are rigid, solid, cohesive unit–structures which support and protect their contents under extremely stressful conditions.

Protect your electronics inside a chassis built like a bank vault, but donʼt spend a fortune to do it. Specify STRONGBOX®

For Price and Performance, specify STRONGBOX®.

The STRONGBOX® Heavy–Duty Rack–Mount Chassis is the choice of Engineers at:

Ford Motor Company Los Alamos National Labs Rockwell
Argonne National Labs GTE MIT Union Carbide
Bethlehem Steel Motorola
Boeing General Dynamics Northrop
AT & T Los Alamos National Labs Rockwell
Brookhaven National Labs Hughes Northstar Unisys
CBS Technology Center Raytheon Westinghouse
FAA Technical Center Lockheed Reynolds Metals Co. Xerox