Parts Specification and Descriptions

Handle (SBH–X)

Chassis kits include two oval–section Handles are the hardware required to attach them. They are made of lightly
textured and clear anodized aluminum.

Front Panel (FP–X)

Made from satin-grained and clear iridited 6061–T6 aluminum, Front Panels are 0.125″ thick, EIA notched, and delivered complete with the hardware required to attach to the front of a chassis to a rack.

The FP attaches to the chassis Side Panels by means of the same screws which secure the Handles. These screws
are installed from behind the Side Panel flanges, on the outside of the chassis.

Side Panel (SP9–X, SP12–X, SP15–X, SP19–X, SP24–X)

Side Panels of 0.090″–thick 5052–H32 aluminum are grained (textured) lengthwise and clear iridited. Each SP
features three rows of holds, on 1/2″ centers along the panelʼs entire length for the attachment of Mounting Panels
and Plates, chassis Slides, and other accessories and components. Blank Sides Panels (without the standard three
rows of holes) are available on special order.

Interior Mounting Panel (IMP–X)

IMPs are made of 0.090″–thick, 5052–H32 aluminum, grained (textured) lengthwise and clear iridited. Machine screws, lock washers, and captive nuts are provided for secure attachment.

IMPs may be used as both horizontal and vertical panels within the chassis interior, to which such components as power supplies, filters, card guides, and connectors may be attached. One IMP of appropriate height is included
with each chassis kit for use as the rear panel. Others may be ordered as accessory items.

Any IMP will fit horizontally in any chassis of any height and depth. Mounting holes are provided in all chassis for this purpose at the bottom, middle, and top of the Side Panels. Any IMP equal to or smaller than chassis height will fit vertically in any chassis, but in some cases the user must drill mounting holes in the Side Panels.

Perforated and Solid Cover (PAC–X, SAC–X)

Made of 0.063″–thick 3003 aluminum, Perforated and Solid Covers are grained (textured) lengthwise and clear anodized. The required mounting hardware is provided.

PACs and SACs are not meant to be structural supports for components and sub–assemblies. They should only be used as covers. They do, however, lend needed rigidity to the assembled chassis and at least one cover or
Bottom Mounting Plate should be assembled to each kit.

More than 66% of a PACʼs surface is perforated to assure sufficient cooling for internal components. Solid covers are unperforated. Chassis kits are available with two PACs, two SACs, one of each, or with optional HCP.