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Heavy–Duty Rack–Mount Chassis

SB9–, SB12–, SB15–, SB19– and SB24–Series Heavy–Duty Rack–Mount Chassis are available in six EIA Front Panel Heights: 31 /2″, 51 /4″, 7″, 83 /4″, 101 /4″, 121 /2″ (3, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 12, nominal).

Components can be ordered as COMPLETE KITS or as INDIVIDUAL PARTS. Kits and parts come with all required captive machine hardware.

Front, side, and mounting panels are clear iridited. Covers and handles are clear anodized. All surfaces are satin grained.

Complete kits include

1 Front Panel, 2 Handles, 2 Side Panels, 1 Interior Mounting Panel, and 2 Covers. See Cover Options table, below.

Basic dimensional information is given below. Detailed drawings are available on request.


Cover Options

Kits ordered without a Cover Option “dash–number” come with two Perforated Covers. Use the following table to specify other Cover Options.

To Kit Number, Add: To Get:





two Solid Covers

one, each, Solid and Perforated Cover

one, each, Heavy Cover Plate and Perforated Cover

one, each Heavy Cover Plate and Solid Cover

Covers are interchangeable: use on top or bottom.