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Depth Extension Kits (E–Series)

E–Series Depth Extension Kits are available off–the–shelf. When mated with SB9–, SB12–, or SB19–Series kits they allow assembly of chassis to any depth from 91 /2″ to 24″, in 1 /2″ increments. Simply attach E–Series Side Panels and Covers to any chassis and adjust to the desired depth. The materials and specifications are identical to those of standard parts.

Basic dimensional information is given below. Detailed drawings are available on request.

Depth Extension Kit includes only two Extension Side Panels, two Extension (Perforated or Solid) Covers, and all required mounting hardware.


Parts (E–Series)

E–Series parts may be ordered separately, as follows:


Side Panels

ESP–3, ESP–5, ESP–7, ESP–8, ESP–10, ESP–12


Perforated: EPC—Solid: ESC

Cover Options

Kits ordered without a Cover Option “dash–number” come with two Perforated Covers. Use the following Table to specify other Cover Options.

To Kit Number, add:



to Get:

two Solid Covers

one, each, Solid and Perforated Cover

Covers are interchangeable: use on top or bottom.